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Splink is a light weight compute-engine. It is based on a custom Lisp dialect with features tailored to the execution model of the compute-engine.

In Splink code is organized into large files called "spaces" or ".splink" files. The code in each file is broken down into small definitions. Each definition is like it's own mini-program that is constantly being updated whenever you change it. The definitions or "mini-programs" can output numbers, symbols, functions, macros, etc. Definitions can depend on each other to build more intricate programs.

Definitions can also form tests to easily check that code behave as expected, and they can form pages where sub-sets of definitions can be organized for whatever purpose might be convenient.

Source: https://github.com/4th-dimention/splink



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From the description it sounds sort of like jupyter notebook.

What does this do? It looks super cool!

I'm not sure if it has any uses! I just made it to try out some concepts for a programming environment that isn't entirely centered around text files. Since it was an experiment I'd say some parts turned out to not be that great but others are pretty interesting. Overall it isn't obvious to me how to get anything useful done with it *yet*.

If you mess around with it and find something useful you could think of to do with it let me know. The best thing I've gotten out of it was just a really nice environment for "hands on" learning about functional programming and Lisp in particular.

That's totally fair!

Thanks for the quick reply :)