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The links in the description to keybindings and documentation are dead.

Windows Firewall prevents me from opening the application, or there is a problem where there are 18 files with the same name.

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In .30, if I try to run buildsuper.bat, 4coder_default_include seems to ask for a header that doesn't exist, namely 4coder_custom.h, and under 4coder_API which doesn't exist.

I can't run buildsuper.bat without it saying it doesn't exist. Throwing .30 files into .29 seems to work, but having the whole zip be complete would be good.

Shoot maybe the package script failed... I will try to update it today and let you know when it's fixed.


Never launches. On windows

That's a new one.  Can you send details to Like what version are you trying to launch, what version of windows? etc?

the new version launches fine now.

Would be cool to see support for lua.


Yeah, noted.  Broadening out to more languages is on the long term todo list.