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I'm trying out the demo right now and it seems to already have all the features that I would want in a code editor. What does the paid version have that the demo doesn't?

It comes with the C++ source that you need to build customizations.

can i use 4coder with pygame and if so how do i do that?

I don't know, but 4coder is pretty poor for editing python files in the current version. Extended language support is coming soon though.


I just upgraded to 4.1.5 and now 'undo' does not work anymore with control-z...

Somehow the fact that I use a qwertz keyboard messes it up. Is there a way I can change undo to use control-z?

I think unfortunatly there is no workaround. I made a bug report and Allen will fix it:

Ah, thanks for the reply!

4.1.6 just came out and this is fixed!

Nice work!

I love the idea, but after using the demo version for mac I am not sure about buying it.

As soon as I open a second source file the application crashes. Opening the first .c, .cpp or .h file works perfectly and any other type of file is fine. As soon as I try a second .c, .cpp or .h file, however, 4coder hangs and the beach ball of death spins endlessly.


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Yes, same problem here.

Update: now working fine with latest version, thanks!

Updated to 4.1.5, which fixed the multiple files issue, but now I can’t enter new lines :(. I have seen the issue on Github that says it’s fixed in 4.1.6, so I’ll just wait until then.


For someone that already owns 4coder 4.0, I need to buy version 4.1 in order to upgrade?

4.1 is $12 more than 4.0 was. I offer a $12 discount to everyone who bought 4.0 previously. If you don't see the discount email me at and I'll help to arrange it for you.


Thanks for Linux support! Great!

Yes, Thank you!! I've been running it in wine for a while and it's been a hack :)

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4.0.x worked fine but 4.1.3 demo won't run at all on Thinkpad X220. I tried both, x86 and x64 build, with no success. I suspect my trusty Intel HD 3000 is not supported anymore. Can you confirm, Allen?

It's possible, the graphics backend was updated a little. It works in a lot of places though. You can submit more information about your driver and the exact results you get from running 4coder at

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Hi, I'm trying to buy 4Coder but I'm not allowed since my billing address does not match my location which is strange consider that I have not even reached the actual page for paying. My billing address is in deed correct and the location (whatever they mean with this) I'm not sure what they are seeing since and I'm not behind any VPN. 

I have tried to contact through mail and Twitter but with no luck. Do you have other means of paying or known workaround for this problem?

This is the message I'm greeted with regardless if choosing to pay with card or with PayPal: 

"Confirm payment

Sorry, we can't accept your purchase at this time due to the updated 2015 VAT regulations. Your billing address does not match your purchase location (EE)."

I can buy it for you if you paypal me, random internet stranger!

You are to kind =) I worked around it by picking another country. Thanks anyway!

Hi, I'm interested on buy 4coder and use it on Linux but I cannot see a demo for Linux. I was wondering maybe full version has a Linux version ?

The Linux port is still being developed. As soon as it's ready there will be a demo and full version.

If I should buy it now, will I be able to download the linux version as soon as it is available?

Oh and by the way, great job

Yes you would be able to download the Linux version right away.


I really want to love 4coder, but the idea of having to go in and re-customize everything to match my current Emacs setup is a huge turnoff, especially for basic things like the keybinds. Is there any plan to eventually include a preset that closely matches Emacs' default keybindings in the future?

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Yes someday. I'm planning to do this for Vim first though, as that's a much more highly requested emulation.

Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear it's not out of the question.


Hi @sonictk.
Your question was asked in 4coder handmade network forum some time ago:

People usually tend to change the default Emacs key bindings to fit their needs. So I don't think that is even useful, as I dislike Emacs default key bindings.
May be you and Allen have a different opinion.

Anyway, back in summer I tried to fit 4coder custom layer with some Emacs default bindings I am used to, and some with my own key customization.

These are the Emacs default ones I use:
Movement: C-p C-n C-f C-b C-a C-e
Deletion: C-d M-d C-k 
Search: C-s

And these ones of my own taste:
(In parenthesis, the original Emacs binding)
Movement: M-p M-n M-f M-b M-g (M-g g)
Save: C-S-s (C-x C-s)
Font size: C-= & C-- (like C-x C-= and +/-)
Buffers & windows:
C-w (C-x k)
C-<tab> (C-x o)
M-2 (C-x 2)
M-3 (C-x 3)
M-0 (C-x 0)

The custom layer is in a github repo, though not sure if it would be worthy for you. It is also based on 4coder beta 4.0.30 super.


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Why couldn't I change the theme of 4coder on Windows 10 (using demo)? I was using the older version on Linux and could change the theme.

Edit: From, I read I need the super version to fix this. I am going to buy it anyway (wanted to wait for Linux build). I guess this purchase includes all 4.x versions?


Yes purchasing 4.1.x gets all 4.1.x releases (4.0.x had 30 releases and lasted about four years, to give you an idea of how it adds up).

Also the theme changing bug is fixed in 4.1.1.

default theme still does not change

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It should work if:
1. The theme is in the theme folder
2. You use the exact name of the file before the ".4coder" as your theme
3. 4coder actually finds and loads the config file - which you can confirm by looking at the messages buffer and seeing what it loaded for default_theme_name?
If you confirm that all of those are true but it's still not working please make an issue on


what's the ETA of Mac and Linux versions ?


Hopefully early 2020. Work has already begun on these.

Using vim on Windows is not convenient because my setup is not cross-platorm and terminals on windows are very slow. 4coder is something new and I'm happy to support it's development.


As soon as the linux version is available, my money is available to you! ;D
Best present I've got this week by far!


This release is my highlight of the week. Thank you very much. You are making my world a little bit better.